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Higher Dimension

Channeled Images

How These Images Arrived

Three women have been part of presenting these portraits of ascended masters, guides and angels.  A metaphysical minister, a clairvoyant artist and a passionate light-worker who fell in love with the images.

Celaya Winkler


Celaya is the artist who painted most of these portraits of the Ascended Masters beginning in 1969.

The final portrait - Aquarian Madonna - was finished in 1981. The other Master portraits were painted over a period of years earlier for Elizabeth. 

Celaya painted all in this collection except Elohim Orion, which was painted by Vikki Reed.

Elizabeth would call Celaya when Elizabeth saw an image - requesting a portrait as she described the image.  More

Reverend Elizabeth Huffer (Anilda)

Elizabeth was a direct channel for ascended beings - and had the gift of seeing and channeling from an early age.

She was a well respected ordained minister who combined the best from Christian teachings with the principles of metaphysics. Her services included the use of sounds, colors, astrology and the channeled materials she received direct from many ascended beings.

Her services, classes and personal consultations were blessings to many who wished to learn more about  spirituality - outside the main stream religious structure.  More